Shortland Street Springboard for New Summer Shows


TVNZ 2 will use the hour-long season premiere of Shortland Street on January 16 to launch two new comedy series, one of which went to air in the US over the weekend.

This year will mark Shortland Street’s 25th on air and its return will follow the resumption of Neighbours, which will kick off with a week of hour-long episodes.

They will screen 6pm weeknights while Monday’s Shortland Street will lead into Life in Pieces at 8.00 and The Mick at 8.30.

Life In Pieces stars Colin Hanks, Dianne West and Betsy Brandt as the members of one big happy family whose lives unfold amid funny and awkward milestones.

Its September 2016 premiere was favourably reviewed, with The Washington Post praising the “sturdy” cast of seasoned pros.

“Though they’ve probably got nothing new under the sun to tell us about family dynamics, sentimental moments and delicate rites of passage, they seem like nice people to have around for a few laughs.”

The Mick stars Kaitlin Olsen (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphiaas the scheming aunt of three spoilt brats that she’s suddenly landed with after her rich sister and brother-in-law flee the country as fugitives.

It didn’t fare as well with critics as Life in Pieces, scoring mostly average reviews.

Said The Hollywood Reporter: “After four episodes … The Mick has already settled into that frustrating spot of being a comedy designed for cable but forced to play by network rules, too soft and squishy and indecisive but nonetheless consistently elevated by Olson.”

Nonetheless, Deadline Hollywood reports Sunday’s premiere averaged a solid 2.8 rating in adults 18-49 and drew six million viewers in total, making it “the highest-rated new series premiere in Live+Same Day this season”.

It helped that Fox launched the series behind an NFL doubleheader.

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9 Responses to “Shortland Street Springboard for New Summer Shows”

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    January 4, 2017 at 3:19 pm

    Hey, I hear that Blacklist: Redemption is TVNZ but what channel: 1 or 2 or on Duke?

  2. With us getting double episodes of Neighbours the first week back, does this mean we will now be getting episodes a few hours ahead of Australia?

  3. It’s more a catch-up strategy after Neighbours finished early last year so TVNZ 2 could accommodate extra-long eps of Home and Away.

  4. Our season finale was on 9 Dec and was the same as the one which aired in Australia on Dec 2nd.

  5. In that case, you appear to be right. It looks as if TVNZ 2 will soon be airing Neighbours a few hours ahead of Oz. The serial resumes on January 9 in Australia and January 16 here. So a week of hour-long eps would close the traditional one-week gap between transTasman broadcasts. As of January 23, NZ fans will not only see Neighbours the same day as Australians but also a couple of hours earlier because of the time zone difference. This follows Channel 5 in the UK airing Neighbours day-and-date for some time. Thanks for the heads-up, Nate.

  6. Sorry, Nate, turns out my initial hunch was correct and TVNZ 2 will remain a week behind Oz. Here’s what a spokesperson told me: “We are still a week behind – they finished up a week after us at the end of last year, so we’ve taken the opportunity to do double episodes this side of the year. The double episodes are only for first week back.”

  7. Looks like someone at TVNZ’s goofed. The broadcaster’s just announced it will no longer relaunch Neighbours with hour-long eps from next week. Instead, Big Bang Theory re-runs will continue weekdays at 6.00 and Neighbours will screen as usual at 6.30. The rescheduling preserves TVNZ 2’s week-long gap with Aussie broadcasts. Also in the goofs department: TV3 won’t be screening late-night broadcasts of Entertainment Tonight in HD. It says there was a typo in the media kit billings. I have amended Next Week in HD: January 14 – 20 to reflect these corrections.

  8. Hey, Philip, what about swapping Home and Away to before Neighbours, then Shortland Street, and have something new at 5.30. It is 2017, let’s go with this plan.

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