Shots Fired on SoHo

In an unusual move, SoHo has picked up the US broadcast TV series Shots Fired.

Sky’s premium drama channel has aired numerous BBC series, with next month’s fifth season of Line of Fire, being the latest.

But US free-to-air dramas have been exceedingly rare, largely because of the wealth of US cable series SoHo can access through its deals with HBO and Showtime.

Shots Fired aired to mixed reviews on the Fox network in March. It examines the dangerous aftermath of two racially charged shootings in a small southern town, providing what the publicity calls an “explosive autopsy” of the US criminal justice system.

Variety thought it “a worthy and excellent new series that works as both a television drama and an interlocking array of engagements with some of the most thorny issues of our time.

Shots Fired resists easy villains and simple answers, even as it knits its many pointed questions into an accessible narrative that is laudably brisk and generally efficient.”

Entertainment Weekly carped about the “ham-fisted exposition and familiar melodrama” but acknowledged “the excellent cast carries a story that slowly deepens, escalates, and truly explodes at midseason”.

“The story becomes grand in scale but teeters with some of its provocative twists,” the New York Times observed.  “Still, this is a drama with a broad curiosity, one that hears every character out but doesn’t confuse empathy with excuse-making.”

But CNN thought it “a tepid impersonation of a quality show” and the San Francisco Chronicle said, “If it wants to be on the same level as ABC’s American Crime, it needs better writing to match the quality of the performances.”

Incidentally, the third and final season of American Crime is pencilled in for a late-night run on TVNZ 1 in July.

? Shots Fired will screen 9.30 Tuesdays from July 20.

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    May 31, 2017 at 5:19 pm

    Perhaps there is a perception that quality drama on TV1 gets buried or ignored? Primetime drama – who knew?

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