Simpsons Movie to Spearhead New Simpsons Series?

D’oh! TV3 is replacing the previously advertised network HD premiere of Mr Popper’s Penguins on August 30 with an HD re-run of The Simpsons Movie.

It had also tentatively scheduled another HD premiere, Gulliver’s Travels, for the following Friday but has since superceded it with an SD re-run of Norbit.

Given the speculation about MediaWorks renegotiating its biggest deal, with Fox, which distributes these movies, ScreenScribe wondered if the last-minute pre-emptions were related to licensing issues.

Not so, says a spokesperson. “Those changes are normal programming tweaks.”

Previously it has been suggested that if MediaWorks lost key Fox programmes, as it did with Home and Away, then TVNZ could step in and set up a Freeview channel to showcase this content.

That would be bad news for fans of Fox shows like Homeland, Modern Family or Bones, as they would no longer air in HD because TVNZ doesn’t have the bandwidth capacity on the Freeview platform for another HD channel.

In the meantime, The Simpsons Movie hopefully will precede the return of The Simpsons series to Sunday nights.

Expect TV3 to resume its “same week as the States” strategy and air new episodes within days of the US, where the 25th season starts on September 29 (the same day as season 12 of its TV3 stablemate Family Guy).

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3 Responses to “Simpsons Movie to Spearhead New Simpsons Series?”

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    August 21, 2013 at 11:32 pm

    With the impending death of TVNZ U, would TVNZ even bother launching a new Freeview channel that would take audience away from TVNZ’s core channels ONE and 2? TVNZ seems less committed and interested in helping Freeview grow which is very disappointing! I wouldn’t mind a new Freeview channel but not at the expense of an even weaker TV3 and less HD content on screen. TV3 needs to do all it can to retain its Fox and NBC output deals to compete with a dominate TVNZ!

  2. Seems to work out well that, ’cause The Simpsons and Family Guy stopped airing for The X Factor NZ. After screening the few episodes left over from those seasons, TV3 will show the new ones. Sunday nights are becoming interesting again. Also: there’s always been programme changes over the years with TV3, it’s done quite a bit of it.

  3. “TVNZ doesn’t have the bandwidth capacity on the Freeview platform for another HD channel.” Get rid of the two TVNZ +1 channels and they may have room for another HD channel.

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