Sky Box Sets in February

When so-called “psychic” Charlie Haverford receives a blow to the head, he finds himself experiencing visions and premonitions just like the ones he’s been faking all his life. But he soon finds out that his newfound gift could be more of curse, as he’s taken deeper into the mob-ruled psychic empire that runs this shady world.

That’s the blurb for Shut Eye, a Hulu series starring Burn Notice’s Jeffrey Donovan that Sky Box Sets will air two seasons of next month, along with the first three seasons of The SopranosThe Walking Dead and Killjoys.

Critics were lukewarm: “Despite a magnetic performance from its lead actor, it’s not difficult to see Shut Eye’s rather predictable trajectory” (Variety); “loses most of its momentum as the story grows overcomplicated and undercharacterised” (New York Times); “as the tone careens from kinky sex to caper to unearned tragedy, one might consider actual shut-eye a relief” (TV Guide).

Screening in order of their transmission are:

  1. Mildred Pierce
  2. Fringe S4 (eps 12-22)
  3. Vikings S4B (eps 11-20)
  4. The Walking Dead S1
  5. Mildred Pierce
  6. Killjoys S1
  7. Vikings S4B (eps 11-20)
  8. Awake
  9. Fringe S5
  10. The Sopranos S1
  11. The Walking Dead S2
  12. Awake
  13. Killjoys S2
  14. The Sopranos S1
  15. Shut Eye S1
  16. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S1 (eps 1-9)
  17. The Sopranos S2
  18. The Walking Dead S3A (eps 1-8)
  19. Shut Eye S1
  20. Killjoys S3
  21. The Sopranos S2
  22. Shut Eye S2
  23. The Sopranos S3
  24. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S1 (eps 10-18)
  25. The Walking Dead S3B (eps 9-16)
  26. Shut Eye S2
  27. The Jinx
  28. The Sopranos S3.
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