Sky Movie Premieres in March


Sky Movies Premiere

  • Black Butterfly
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Couple’s Vacation
  • Lila & Eve
  • The Mummy
  • Chuck
  • The Last Word
  • Baby Driver
  • All Eyez on Me
  • Wish Upon
  • Wonder Woman
  • Goon: Last of the Enforcers
  • Everything Everything
  • A Dog’s Purpose

Sky Movies Extra

  • Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Sky Movies Greats

  • What Women Want
  • Chronicle
  • This Means War
  • Zero Dark Thirty
  • The Two Faces of January
  • Battleship
  • Out of the Furnace

Sky Movies Classics

  • Bad Company
  • Drugstore Cowboy
  • Indecent Proposal
  • The Magnificent Seven Ride!
  • A Civil Action
  • Breakheart Pass
  • Bright Lights, Big City

Sky Movies Action

  • Death Race 2050
  • Days of Thunder
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8 Responses to “Sky Movie Premieres in March”

  1. I just thought I would mention Netflix will be screening a new Cloverfield movie from tonight, it’s called The Cloverfield Paradox YIPEEEE :)

  2. Thanks, Trevor. There’s a fascinating insight into how this came to be here.

  3. It’s my pleasure, Philip. I found The Cloverfield Paradox a very exciting movie, it’s almost non-stop action I wonder if Netflix will screen the 4th Cloverfield movie as well? Apparently it’s already made :)

  4. Shame that Rotten Tomatoes doesnt share your enthusiasm Trevor. And Indiewire doesnt cut any slack either – “It’s worth remembering that the Cloverfield movies were only able to successfully disrupt conventional distribution methods because they’re good. The best thing you can say about this one is that it’s free with your Netflix subscription.” Still, it was profitable for Bad Robot and Paramount – only whether it was a good investment for Netflix will determine whether the 4th movie goes straight to Netflix. I wonder if thats going to be the way for the new B-grade movie. Rather than straight-to-DVD (or “made for TV”) it’ll be “straight to Netflix”.

  5. I’ve just watched Paradox and it was just another generic space disaster movie, the first two were very character driven and drew you in, I predicted the ending and didn’t really care what was going to happen to the crew.

  6. I actually would love to see a Cloverfield TV show especially now since it’s been opened up to include alternate universes, the possibilities are endless and intriguing :)

  7. Agree Darren. Paradox was awful in every way. The best that can be said about the original was that it was novel in presentation. As Mike says … Netflix is the new direct-to-video.

  8. Agreed. It was atrocious. A real shame given the quality of the first two movies. Smart move from the production company to sell it off to Netflix. Don’t think it’s a game changer yet in the industry.

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