Sky Nabs Exclusive Rights to New CBS Shows

Sky has expanded its deal with CBS Studios International to include exclusive rights to programming from CBS, The CW and Showtime.

It’s unclear if the new “long-term volume deal” will affect shows that stream on Netflix NZ and Lightbox, or if Sky will launch another channel to accommodate the extra content.

At the very least it will make Showtime Sky’s most important brand after HBO and presumably will make it harder for the likes of Netflix and Lightbox to access NZ rights for CBS International content.

These services already stream The Good Wife (which is one of Lightbox’s most popular attractions), Reign, Masters of Sex and House of Lies, and Sky’s multi-platform exclusivity may nix this going forward.

Netflix also has exclusive rights to a CW series like Riverdale. Under CBS International’s new terms with Sky, future productions like this may no longer be accessible on NZ’s Netflix service.

Many of Showtime’s hits, like Ray Donovan, The Affair and Billions, already are SoHo staples while other series covered in the deal screen on Prime or Sky’s second-tier entertainment channels.

Typical of the content covered are Prime’s MacGyver, Bull and Madam Secretary, Vibe’s Judge Judy and Blue Bloods, The Box’s Survivor and Hawaii Five-0The Zone’s Zoo and Jones’s My Three Sons, Beverly Hills 90210 and Bonanza.

Current CBS International fare that screens first on Three, like Hawaii Five-O and NCIS, won’t be affected by the deal. And neither will CBS or CW network series that TVNZ accesses exclusively through Warner Bros TV, such as The Big Bang Theory or Supergirl.

Sky’s Head of Acquisitions, Entertainment & Movies, Lisa Clements, dubs the new, extended pact a “significant deal” for Sky that ensures current and new CBS/CW/Showtime series will be exclusive to Sky’s pay and free-to-air channels and streaming service Neon.

“We have worked closely together for a number of years and it’s exciting to not only renew our agreement but to broaden it with the addition of exclusivity around Showtime content.”

It was Clements who brokered the CBS International deal for Prime, when it became the first Hollywood heavyweight to sign up with the channel.

The new deal’s flagship acquisition is the new Twin Peaks, which launches here next month, and Sky is promising “timely” access to other series under the new pact — although fans of H5O and Blue Bloods no doubt will still have to wait for Three to drip-feed its FTA runs of these series first.

Sky says broadcast and channel details for new CBS, Showtime and CW content will be released in due course.

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18 Responses to “Sky Nabs Exclusive Rights to New CBS Shows”

  1. Does that mean that when the current season of CBS programmes on TVNZ and MediaWorks end that they will all go to Sky?

  2. No, not the current seasons. In situations like this, ongoing series covered by previous deals normally complete their runs on the original networks. For instance, NCIS and Hawaii Five-O should continue to screen on Three until CBS axes them in the US.

  3. Thanx Philip..

  4. BOO,I hope Netflix fight back and knock Sky out :)

  5. Slightly confused by this, do Warner Bros, CBS, CW and Showtime shows still head to TVNZ?

  6. Still trying to get clarity from Sky re Showtime exclusivity but otherwise business as normal for TVNZ and MediaWorks.

  7. Love the comment about shows that “screen well” on Three … like Hawaii 5-0, well then, Tree, can you please explain why you drop the show like a stone mid-season … Thanks for thinking of your viewers who invest time in a series and then it goes … Bin the over-saturation of reality/cooking/make over shows and get some decent drama and action back on that was drawing some good consistent viewing figures.

  8. Valid points all, Rosco. The good news is H5O’s pencilled in to return late this month.

  9. I guess that The Blacklist will also take a long break after ep 4×15 in a couple of weeks’ time?

  10. Cheers Philip about H50’s return, I’ll look forward to catching up with the story, if I can remember what happened last time I watched…!

  11. Season 4 of The Blacklist is on Netflix Paul W, that’s the best way of watching it :)

  12. Thanx Trevor. Didn’t realise that it was on NF. I see it is the up to the same ep as Three has just played. I have tried to watch it on NBC Ondemand but can’t fast forward thru the ads.. :-) (NBC Ondemand plays via my Amazon Fire TV box.)

  13. It’s my pleasure Paul W but I do find it weird that they have only got 13 episodes of season 4, they should have waited until they could add the entire season :) I notice Mighty Ape are advertising a DVD boxset of Twin Peaks coming in May, haven’t they heard it’s also on Blu-ray? How ridiculous :(

  14. Providing that it is on TV3, The Blacklist is the best way to watch it. Unfortunately, though, it has been removed by TV3 a number of times due to a very small amount of viewers.

  15. The Blacklist is on mid-term break in the US and resumes with Ep 4×16 on April 20. I believe that The Blacklist: Redemption is the filler. I watched ep 1 but not interested in any more of them.

  16. Yes, I saw that. The same applies to Arrow and The Flash.

  17. These US mid-season breaks are getting ridiculous, eg. Gotham and Lucifer have been MIA for various reasons since the end of January.

  18. Trevor. You’re correct. Netflix is the best way to watch The Blacklist. Interesting that Netflix US doesn’t have season 4 but the NZ one does.

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