Sky Open Shuts Down Shows

Sky’s free-to-air channel is abruptly pulling a slew of its late-night dramas without explanation.

Exiting before completing their season runs on Sky Open are Fear the Walking Dead, The Cleaning Lady, Blood & Treasure and The Equalizer.

They will no longer air from the end of the month. Fear the Walking Dead finishes on April 23, three episodes short of winding up the series for good, and The Cleaning Lady and Blood & Treasure on April 24.

The last episode of The Equalizer’s third season screens on April 30, even though it’s only the 11th of 18.

Sky is succeeding Fear the Walking Dead with Raised by Wolves from April 30 while double-episodes of season two of Your Honor succeed Blood & Treasure and The Cleaning Lady from May 1.

Taking over from The Equalizer on May 7 is American Gigolo.

None of the shows is a loss to Sky Open’s schedule ratings-wise as they’re all late-night staples after most tanked in primetime.

But it’s puzzling they’re being removed en masse so suddenly. Typically one would link it to licensing issues but as they don’t share the same distributor, there must be another explanation.

When asked why the series were being wiped from the schedule, Sky said the reason(s) couldn’t be disclosed “due to confidentiality”.

Fear the Walking Dead and The Equalizer are listed as “leaving soon” on Neon but not The Cleaning Lady; Blood & Treasure doesn’t stream on the service.

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    April 23, 2024 at 10:20 am

    Any update Philip on why they’ve done this? Seems very out of character for them to do this. Are they losing an output deal or something? Also: why is their Sky Go service not allowing their freemium customers to watch Sky Open shows on-demand like they did in the past? There used to be a plethora of free shows, especially the HBO content, but they’ve restricted it to paying customers only.

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