Sky Pre-Empts New Worlds for Lost Lord

A two-part miniseries about the disappearance of Lord Lucan will replace the premiere of New Worlds next month on Sky Movies Extra.

Due to a hitch in delivery, the channel has rescheduled New Worlds’ debut to June 19 and 26 and will screen Lucan on May 15 and 22 instead.

The latter stars Rory Kinnear as the flamboyant aristocrat suspected of bludgeoning to death his children’s nanny 40 years ago — apparently mistaking her for his estranged wife.

The miniseries was written by Jeff Pope (Appropriate Adult, Mrs Biggs) and co-stars Christopher Eccleston as “the show’s real villain“.

“Lord Lucan’s vile, hate-filled world of decadence and privilege is brilliantly captured,” said The Guardian of part one while The Telegraph called it “gripping and atmospheric“.

But The Independent thought it a “very dry retelling of … one of the most fascinating and endlessly obsessed-over crime events in modern British history …

“It reduced this whole fabulous story to a drab, depressing tale of domestic violence filled with delusional chunterings about eugenics and the wonders of being an alpha male.”

And while The Huffington Post reckoned “this adaptation managed to breathe fresh, thought-provoking life into the tale,” it dubbed the programme’s theory on what happened to Lucan “one hell of a stretch“.


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  1. Strange … there’s a guy who lives down the road from me, keeps a very low profile. He rang me this morning to tell me he’s looking forward to watching this show. He misses good quality UK shows since moving here some years ago. He was also hoping to catch up with Will and Kate when they were here. He knows their families …

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