Sky Races Space Doco to Neon

Sky is warp-speeding an HBO documentary about the latest space race, and one with a Kiwi link, to Neon.

Here’s the media release:

Sky fast-tracks HBO original documentary WILD WILD SPACE to Neon on 19 July

The story of three rocket and satellite companies – including NZ’s Sir Peter Beck’s Rocket Lab – and their quest to conquer the burgeoning space industry

Sky will launch HBO Original documentary Wild Wild Space, directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Ross Kauffman (Born into Brothels), on Neon on Friday 19 July, fast-tracking the title to Aotearoa audiences following its US premiere on HBO and Max on 17 July. 

Wild Wild Space chronicles the modern-day, celestial land grab happening above our heads.

It’s a fast paced, high-stakes race of epic proportions in which companies compete to blast satellite-carrying rockets into low earth orbit.

From exhilarating triumphs to gut-wrenching setbacks, we witness the fierce competition to tackle humanity’s next great frontier.

However, beneath the shiny veneer of progress is the dark side of capitalism’s insatiable appetite for profit and the far-reaching reverberations of a world controlled from the skies. 

Inspired by the New York Times best-selling book “When the Heavens Went on Sale” by esteemed technology and space journalist Ashlee Vance, Wild Wild Space  follows three rocket and satellite companies – Astra Space, Rocket Lab (founded by New Zealander, Sir Peter Beck) and Planet Labs – and the quests of their idiosyncratic founders to conquer the burgeoning space industry. 

Following the roller coaster journey for a piece of this unchartered territory, the film details the multi-faceted uses of satellites, from planet-saving, environmental imaging to “big brother” government scrutiny and military espionage, exploring the ethics of technological advances.

With billions of dollars at stake, the world’s privacy in the balance, and the ramifications of space debris dangerously cluttering earth’s low orbit, the documentary reveals how satellites now control the fabric of our modern world, and posits that whoever controls space, may very well control the future of humanity. 

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