Sky Raises Blood Pressure — Again

True Blood fans will rue SoHo’s scheduling of the latest season.

After waiting months to see it in HD, they won’t even be able to binge on the 10 episodes as a weekend box set.

That was the consolation prize SoHo offered fans last year after season five first aired, in SD, on Prime.

Instead of drip-feeding the season, SoHo premiered it as a box set within days of its free-to-air finale.

But this year two months will elapse between season six’s FTA finale on September 6 and its SoHo premiere on October 31.

By then, it will have been nearly five months since it went to air in the US.

What’s more, instead of screenings the episodes back-to-back to make up for lost time, SoHo will air them weekly in a 9.30 Thursday slot.

This is another example of Sky paying lip service to customer service.

To receive SoHo in HD, subscribers effectively are paying twice for the privilege: a $10 monthly HD Ticket and a monthly $10 SoHo sub.

So it’s not just galling but outrageous that one of SoHo’s HBO flagships should screen first on a Sky-owned FTA channel.

Prime can rightly argue that it should have priority, given it launched True Blood here.

But that argument is undermined by Sky’s obligation to SoHo subscribers and Prime having consigned the latest season to Friday nights, where ratings have been predictably anaemic (last week’s episode averaged only 1.2% of Prime’s target audience, adults 25-54).

At the very least, SoHo should be screening True Blood the same week as Prime, not merely the same year!

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2 Responses to “Sky Raises Blood Pressure — Again”

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    August 22, 2013 at 7:49 pm

    Hahaha. For this people pay good money? Real fans will have already seen the whole series – it finished in the US last week.

  2. Agreed. SoHo was all about getting the suckers in to pay another $10 month and then when they are hooked, screw them. As THX1138 says, the real fans would have watched these within days of their US release.

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