Sky Upgrades Sky 5 and Vibe to HD

The latest Sky channels to get an HD redux will be Sky 5 and Vibe.

Both will beam out in HD from tomorrow but Sky isn’t revealing which other channels will go HD.

Premiering just in time for the transition are:

Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries (Vibe, 7.30 Tuesdays from July 2): Wanted’s Geraldine Hakewill takes over her Aunt Phryne’s seat at the coveted Adventuresses club.

Endeavour (Vibe, 8.30 Tuesdays from July 2): Set in 1967, the first of S3’s new stories follows the murder of a bus conductress on the night she visited the local fairground.

Frankie Drake Mysteries (Vibe, 7.30 Fridays from July 2): S2 continues to follow Toronto’s first female private detectives as they solve cases the police can’t – and other detective agencies won’t.

When I Grow Up (Vibe, 7.30 Saturdays from July 6): Bosses of three of Britain’s biggest businesses will take an extraordinary leap of faith – allowing a group of seven to nine-year-old kids to take over a part of their company for a week.

Marry Me, Marry My Family (Vibe, 7.30 Saturdays from July 27): Amazing tales of cross-cultural weddings in Australia, following wildly diverse couples as they try to straddle the gulf between cultures and the gap between their parents’ expectations and their own dreams.

The Emma Fielding Mysteries: More Bitter Than Death (Vibe, 8.30 August 2): While hosting the annual gathering of the Association for the study of American Archaeology at Kenzer College, Emma Fielding is thrust into the midst of another murder mystery.

Born This Way (Vibe, 7.30 Sundays from August 18): S4 follows a group of seven young adults born with Down syndrome, along with their family and friends in Southern California.

Inside the Ambulance (Vibe, 8.30 Sundays from August 18): In S5, paramedics from the West Midlands Ambulance Service wearing body-mounted cameras take us right to the heart of the action.

Shakespeare and Hathaway: Private Investigators (Vibe, 7.30 Tuesdays from August 27): The highly unlikely detective duo is back on the case in pretty tourist town Stratford-Upon-Avon for S2.

Rooster & Butch (Sky 5, 9.30 Tuesdays from July 23): Self–made good ol’ boy millionaires Mike ‘Rooster’ McConaughey and Butch Gilliam are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs to spread their wealth.

Highway Thru Hell (Sky 5, 9.00 Saturdays from July 27): S7 opens with a behind-the-scenes episode reflecting on epic recoveries.

Salvation (Sky 5, 8.30 Fridays from August 2): In S2, the secret is out – the world learns the truth about the impending threat of an asteroid on a collision course with Earth.

Truck Night in America (Sky 5, 8.30 Tuesdays from August 6): It’s truck versus terrain as truck owners from across the United States compete in gruelling challenges that test their ingenuity and driving ability.

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8 Responses to “Sky Upgrades Sky 5 and Vibe to HD”

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    July 1, 2019 at 10:00 am

    I mentioned to Sky that they should make Sky 5 HD months ago since they have the superhero shows on there and they did thank me for my suggestion 🙂

  2. I’ve been requesting Sky5 to be in HD since 2011, same thing Trevor. “Thanks for your feedback” from Sky is all I ever got as a reply.

  3. Would rather that they upgraded the documentary channels before Vibe.

  4. What about Sky’s Prime TV FTA channel? Needs to be streamed online, decent on demand app as I view TV online very frustrating. I thought Prime TV was going to be relaunched?

  5. I’m guessing Sky are rolling out this quasi HD, Sky have introduced elsewhere (1440 x 1080)?

  6. ‘afraid so, Rosco. Sky’s just confirmed that as the resolution.

  7. I was looking at Sky 5 today and to me it looked like 720p. Pretty poor HD quality TBH. I am disappointed that it’s in the fake HD resolution.

  8. Why even bother with 1440×1080? Sky falls further and further behind.

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