Zone Zeroes In On SoHo and Prime

Sky continues to maximise its programming budget by rotating drama series among its channels, with The Zone picking up two that previously were exclusive to SoHo and Prime.

Season one of Orphan Black will screen 9.30 Tuesdays on the fantasy channel from January 13 while season one of Under the Dome will air back-to-back as a box set weekend from January 10-11.

Orphan Black has had several HD runs on SoHo but this will be the first time Prime’s Stephen King adaptation will have been broadcast here in HD.

Their migration follows Falling Skies switching from The Box (season one of which will be boxed set January 24-25) and the Star Trek franchise from Jones!

It’s a trend that began with the likes of True Blood, Strike Back and Game of Thrones getting dual runs on Prime and SoHo.

And like SoHo, The Zone soon will be screening series much closer to their US air dates.

The first of these will be season two of Helix, which starts on January 19, only two days after its US bow.

Other January premieres include supernatural period drama Salem, which is set in 17th century Massachusetts, and Z Nation, yet another apocalyptic zombie drama.

Salem both dazzled and frazzled critics, earning everything from a New York Times rave (“brash and well executed and expensive-looking”) to a New York Post drubbing (“a lazy, offensive spin on history …

“It’s like watching the cast of One Tree Hill put on a production of The Crucible“).

Typical was Variety’s verdict: “While Salem isn’t bad, necessarily, it doesn’t conjure any magic, either.”

Z Nation was similarly received. Said The Hollywood Reporter: “As a B-level entry it’s at least entertaining, and if some of the sillier aspects of the pilot can be improved on could be one of those mindless entertainment options we all need now and again.”

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8 Responses to “Zone Zeroes In On SoHo and Prime”

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    November 26, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    Really enjoying The Zone. I have series linked the following shows: Defiance, Helix, The Strain, Continuum, From Dusk to Dawn, Warehouse 13 and Dracula.

  2. Along with CBS output deal show Star Crossed which has yet to air on FTA Prime but goes straight to The Zone. I suppose Prime’s yet to be scheduled The Messengers could also end up on The Zone despite it being a new season show for Prime in 2015. Also fans of Broadchurch can see the U.S remake Grace Point on Sky’s SVOD service Neon when ever that launches. No word yet on a broadcast partner but I’m assuming it will end up on Prime and Philip, any chance of launching a Screenscribe Twitter account?

  3. Thanks, as always, for your contribution, Leo. The rush of streaming services has thrown traditional broadcast windows wide open, am prepping a post on this to examine the fallout for linear TV viewers. Appreciate the Twitter suggestion, and yes, I probably will set up an account but first I have to overcome my entrenched social media scepticism as I’m still in denial about it as a medium.

  4. I can see Sky screwing Prime viewers by putting all the new sci-fi stuff on The Zone and then when the series has finished, showing it on Prime months later.

  5. I would be happy if Sky does put all the new sci-fi stuff on The Zone (especially Doctor Who) and then shows the series on Prime later on. The picture quality on Prime is very poor as opposed to The Zone which has very good HD picture quality.

  6. Good pic on Zone? Isn’t it one of the new reduced resolution channels with 1440×1080 instead of 1920×1080?

  7. Yes, it is but most people, depending on the size of their display, wouldn’t notice the difference. Certainly beats the (sub)standard definition quality of Sky’s SD channels, especially Prime’s.

  8. Pic on The Zone is pretty good. Not as good as SoHo though and definitely not as good as a Blu-ray.

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