SoHo No Longer Hap-less

The biggest mystery about SoHo picking up the “swamp noir” Hap and Leonard is why it’s taken so long.

The darkly comic series, based on the novels by Joe Lansdale, went to air in the US in March.

In an age when Game of Thrones can screen the same time as it does on HBO, it’s ridiculous that a premium drama channel like SoHo should take so long to premiere a series of Hap and Leonard’s reported calibre.

It stars James Purefoy (The Following) as Hap Collins, an East Texas white boy with a weakness for Southern women, and Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire) as Leonard Pine, a gay, black Vietnam vet with a hot temper.

When Hap’s seductive ex-wife Trudy resurfaces with a deal they can’t refuse, a simple get-rich-quick scheme snowballs into bloody mayhem.

The rest of the cast include Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Jimmi Simpson (The Newsroom), Bill Sage (Boardwalk Empire), Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman), Neil Sandilands (The Americans) and Jeff Pope (99 Homes).

It was well received by critics, with New York magazine acknowledging: “There are times when it’s a little too relaxed for its own good, and it has trouble reconciling its wit and sexiness with bursts of harrowing violence that feel imported from a Quentin Tarantino movie (or a film by one of Tarantino’s imitators).

“But the sum total is so beguiling and unusual — for television as a whole, if not for Sundance, which specializes in this kind of storytelling — that it’s hard not to become entranced by it.”

TV Guide thought it “a terrifically offbeat caper” and The Hollywood Reporter  “a fantastic mixture of politically incorrect, boundary-free banter, loving antagonism and do-anything-for-each-other dedication”.

But Variety argued: “This show should be a swampy, escapist saga with poignant overtones, but that version of the tale can only occasionally be glimpsed amid the overwritten dialogue and the stilted pacing.

“For the most part, there’s not much of a spark here.”

Hap and Leonard will screen 8.30 Sundays from August 7.

Returning to SoHo next month will be Fear the Walking Dead (season two, part two) and Halt and Catch Fire (season three) while having its first screening on the channel will be the Iraq War drama, Generation Kill.

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  1. Generation Kill is a great series. I have watched it on Blu-ray and will watch it again in the near future.

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