SoHo Too Slow Off the Draw With Justified

SoHo’s scheduling of Justified means it won’t catch up with US screenings of the modern-day western until at least a year from now.

Season one of Justified will replace The Wire on Tuesdays at 9.30 from June 25, when it and season two, which already have aired in SD on TV One, should have been boxed-set as a curtain-raiser to season three.

Instead, the earliest season three will premiere will be mid-December (!!!).

Consequently, we still won’t have caught up with the US by the time season five launches on FX in January.

Assuming Justified continues to air weekly without interruption, that won’t happen until mid-June 2014.

While it’s fantastic that SoHo is offering us the first HD broadcasts of Justified in NZ, drip-feeding seasons will only encourage deprived Kiwi fans to download or buy them on Blu-ray instead.

A series as sharp as Justified should be going to air within days of its US transmission, as happens with Game of ThronesMad MenVeep and, from May 21, Breaking Bad (for which SoHo is hitting the ground running, with season five).

The Killing also will screen within two days of the US when it resumes from June 5 (season three will open a year on from season two, with Sarah Lund no longer a detective until the search for a runaway links back to a cold case).

The series SoHo has decided to box-set next month are: Empire Falls and World Without End (June 1); seasons one and two of Girls (June 8); season five of True Blood (June 15); Good Cop and season one of Magic City (June 22); and season seven of Dexter (June 29).

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3 Responses to “SoHo Too Slow Off the Draw With Justified”

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    May 11, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Does this mean Justified is now exclusively on SoHo? No more newer episodes to follow on TVNZ now that the last batch were shown last year?

  2. Yes, TV One quit the show after season two. No other free-to-air broadcaster wanted it and SoHo acquired seasons 1-5 in a package that includes Hatfields & McCoys (which starts Wednesday), Breaking Bad (which starts May 21) and Damages (which has yet to be scheduled).

  3. So, they showed the first two seasons on public TV and now back to season one on a pay channel… And they wonder why people would rather stream it from the Internet. We got excited hearing Justified was coming on SoHo and then we saw, nope, it’s only season one. Felt pretty pissed off about that. Still do, as you probably can tell. Makes me wonder why I continue to pay a premium for outdated shows. There’s no way I’m going to wait until next year to see season four.

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