SoHo’s Got Game

SoHo’s added another top British conspiracy thriller to its line-up for June.

The Game will air 8.30 Sundays from June 7 instead of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. (The Napoleonic drama will now premiere in July.)

It’s not clear why SoHo is pre-empting Jonathan Strange but it could be due to broadcast-vs-home video windows: The Game had been due for release on DVD next month but has now been postponed.

The Cold War thriller opens with a Soviet plot that’s set to cripple London in 1972 and stars Tom Hughes, Brian Cox and Victoria Hamilton.

The Game is such a clever winner, I’m sure some American network will remake it,” Entertainment Weekly predicted. “Watch it now before we ruin it.”

“Created by Toby Whithouse (Being Human), The Game is nothing we haven’t seen before a hundred times,” the Los Angeles Times said, “but it takes its corners neatly, offers moments of surprising intimacy and moves quickly enough to avoid too many troubling questions.”

The Game is hardly the James Bond version of British espionage, even with the nicknames and nerdy sidekicks,” Variety carped.

“But the show does capture an era when these agents could genuinely worry about a scenario where the Soviets might engage in a nuclear first strike, which certainly ups the ante beyond current leader Vladimir Putin’s recent border incursions.”

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