Sony Announces $8K 4K TV for NZ

Sony has just announced two new Ultra HD TV models will go on sale here next month for under $10,000.

The 55-inch model will retail for just under $8,000 and the 65-inch model for $2,000 more.

That makes the 65-inch model a third of the price of Sony’s 84-inch UHD flagship and, with LG soon to enter the market with models of the same size, bodes well for more affordable access to this breathtaking technology.

Here’s Sony’s press release in full:

Sony New Zealand today became the first TV manufacturer to bring 55” and 65” 4K ultra HD TVs to New Zealand. This continues Sony’s leadership in the category, established in 2012 when it pioneered the evolution from HD to ultra HD with the launch of the first 84” 4K ultra HD TV.

Known as the X9004A Series, the new range will be available from July and offers consumers four times the resolution of Full HD – bringing the best home cinema experience from the director’s lens straight to your living room.

Sony’s X9004A Series 4K ultra HD TVs are the most premium quality TVs currently available thanks to Sony’s unique technologies that deliver superior picture, sound and connectivity. These include:

More details with 4K X-Reality Pro – At four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p, the difference of 4K resolution is undeniable. The 8,294,400 individual pixels of superb brightness and precise detail give you the highest resolution Sony has ever produced on a TV.

More colours with TRILUMINOS – Unique to Sony, TRILUMINOS Display technology creates incredibly true to nature colours. Brilliant emerald greens, hard-to-produce reds and breath-taking blues make landscapes and seascapes more vivid. Now you can upscale even the lowest resolution internet content – everything looks better.

Remarkably clear, powerful audio with Magnetic Fluid Speakers – Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology offers built-in home theatre quality sound with front facing speakers for a faithful reproduction and crystal clear performance. Experience the simulation of 5.1 surround sound with 65w of power.

Everything looks better 

By combining 4K resolution with Sony’s powerful 4K X-Reality PRO processing engine, you can enjoy all your favourite content upscaled to 4x the resolution of Full HD. BRAVIA 4K TVs are a future-proofed TV investment ensuring the best quality of today and tomorrow’s content.

Superior to standard LED TVs, Sony’s TRILUMINOS Display technology will enrich your viewing experience as it delivers a significantly-wider colour palette. Images are more vibrant with colours such as hard-to-reproduce reds and greens providing a heightened sense of depth for the viewer.

Everything sounds better 

Both new X9004A Series TVs incorporate front facing home theatre-quality speakers thanks to Sony’s unique Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology that delivers smooth midrange, lower vibration and deep bass. Every moment feels more real, from the roar of a packed stadium to the soft whistling of a breeze in an empty canyon.

Everything is connected 

Sony’s 4K BRAVIA Smart TVs feature integrated Wi-Fi, meaning users have even greater access to the widest range of music and movies via the Sony Entertainment Network. Sony’s leading Smart TV content includes:

A wide range of movies on demand – Quickflix, Mubi, and Garage Entertainment

The widest range of music on demand – Music Unlimited, Pandora, Moshcam, vTuner and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

New Services 

Pandora – leading internet radio service that lets you create personalised radio stations based on a song, artist or genre

Yupp TV – one of the world’s leading portals for Indian programs with distribution rights to more than 60+ Indian TV channels

Local availability 

Sony’s new X9004A Series 4K ultra HD TVs will be available in 2 screen sizes, they will be available from Sony Stores (Newmarket, Sylvia Park, Willis St, Riccarton Mall) and selected Sony retailers from July, 2013.

55-inch Retail from $7,999.95

65-inch Retail from $9,999.95

New Sony 4K ultra HD TV models key features: 

 Images become lifelike with a resolution of four-times that of Full HD TV (3840 x 2160)

 All content is viewed at the highest resolution possible with enhanced images reaching near-4K with Sony’s proprietary two-chip 4K X-Reality PRO picture engine

 All colours, including hard-to-reproduce reds and greens are delivered naturally and accurately through TRILUMINOS Display

 An immersive picture draws in viewers with blacker blacks and excellent contrast produced with dynamic edge-lit, LED backlighting

 Amazing sound from the integrated 65 Watt, front-facing, magnetic fluid speaker system complements the stunning picture

 A cinematic experience is brought to life through Full HD 3D and 4x glasses included

 One-touch mirroring using NFC. Easily share photos, music, videos and more by connecting NFC capable devices to each other; without a complicated set-up. Simply touch two NFC products together and within moments, they’re connected wirelessly.

 TV SideView – Control the TV with your smartphone or tablet, find real-time details about shows you’re watching, browse tweets about the show, share what you’re watching and find related videos and more with Sony Entertainment Network and YouTube™, all on your big screen.

 Entertainment choices are endless with Wi-Fi connectivity, including access to the full Sony Entertainment Network suite of services

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  1. It’s about time TV makers showed soem consistency and stopped calling these sets 4K as they aren’t. 2160p is a more accurate description and follows the convention of describing domestic TVs by their vertical resolution, eg 1080p, 720p. Here’s a great discussion on the subject:

  2. Wonder if it has a digital tuner for NZ?

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