Sony Announces NZ Price of PS4

PlayStation 4 will retail for $650 when it goes on sale here later in the year.

Sony Computer Entertainment announced the pricing this afternoon, after the PS4’s launch at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles.

The RRP is half the asking price of the original PS3, which was one of the first consumer devices to play Blu-ray discs.

It’s also $100 less than the NZ price of the Xbox One, the first Xbox to include a Blu-ray player.

The Xbox One goes on sale in November for $749 with a 500GB hard drive, built-in Wi-Fi, the new Kinect, one Xbox One Wireless Controller and a free 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold for new members.

Reportedly, Sony’s Blu-ray drive is three times faster than in the PS3, which should help with install and game load times.

“Yes, the PS4 will have a Blu-ray drive that can also play DVDs, although Sony curiously left any mention of that out of the presentation,” C|Net reports.

The PS4 will also have three USB 3.0 ports, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.1, HDMI, Analogue AV-out, and optical digital audio output.

SCE also announced that PlayStation’s cloud gaming services will be available in 2014, beginning in the United States.

The cloud gaming services will provide gamers on the PS4 and PS3 systems, followed by gamers on the PS Vita system, with immediate access to a catalogue of PS3 titles. These games will be streamed using Gaikai’s proprietary network technology.

According to Sony’s press release:

The internal design architecture of the PS4 system, from the optical drive and power supply unit to the cooling mechanism, has been pursed to keep the body as slim and light as possible to dramatically enhance the flexibility of the design.

The PS4 features a simple but modern design accentuated by its linear flat form factors. 

The surface of the PS4 body is subdivided into four sections, as if four blocks are stacked together making one figure, with disc slot, buttons, power indicator and vent placed within the slim interspace created between the sections. 

The power indicator designed atop the body will glow in a PlayStation blue color when the power button is turned on. The foreside and backside of the body is slightly angled; it not only gives users easy access to the power button and disc slot when placed either horizontally or vertically but also helps conceal the connected cables. 

The black-themed color along with the matte and gloss finish adds a sophisticated look to the PS4 system as the next generation entertainment system and will fit perfectly wherever it is placed . 

PS4 peripherals include the stand-alone Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 (DUALSHOCK 4) and PlayStation Camera, which will be available at launch for RRP of US$59, Canada$59, €59 and £54, and US$59, Canada$59, € 49 and £44 respectively. Both accessories will come in “Jet Black” color.

The upcoming software lineup for PS4 from software developers and publishers will include Destiny from Bungie, Inc., in partnership with Activision Publishers, Inc., Diablo III from Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., KINGDOM HEARTS III and FINAL FANTASY XV from SQUARE ENIX, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag™ and Watch_Dogs from Ubisoft Entertainment, NBA 2K14 from 2K Sports, The Elder Scrolls Online from Bethesda Games Studios and Mad Max  from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, totaling more than 110titles.

PS4 has earned great support from a wide variety of game publishers, including many indie developers. Since February 2013, the number of developers joining has increased from 126 to 505.

 Furthermore, from SCE Worldwide Studios, more than 30 titles, including 12 brand new IP, are under development, including Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, inFAMOUS: Second Son, #DRIVECLUB and The Order: 1886.

Out of over the 30 titles under development, 20 titles will be available within a year from the PS4 launch. SCE will vigorously promote PS4 towards the launch as the next generation computer entertainment platform through further introduction of peripherals and attractive software lineup.

Sony also announced that it will deliver new powerful online gaming experiences and enhanced social connectivity that brings gamers together, through PlayStation 4  and various network services, including PlayStation Network.

As part of this initiative, SCE will enhance the PlayStation Plus membership service concurrently with the 2013 holiday launch of PS4 in each region.

According to the press release, PS4 users will have access to a wide variety of streaming and social network services.

The PS Plus service first launched for the PlayStation 3  system in 2010 and for the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) system in 2012. Since then, PS Plus has gained great support from members all around the world, and the number of subscribers has continued to steadily increase since the launch of service.

PS Plus offers various services such as exclusive game discounts, cloud game saves and “Instant Game Collection” by which members are able to play the full version of popular titles from third party developers and publishers as well as from SCE Worldwide Studios, with no limit of time at no extra cost.

 To accelerate the enhancement of PS Plus, available concurrently with the launch of PS4, SCE will offer the #DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition to PS Plus members which delivers all the authenticity and immersion users would expect from the full #DRIVECLUB experience.

Users can drive the world’s most beautifully designed cars from different classes across a range of the most richly detailed real-world locations, alongside your teammates in Clubs where experience and rewards are shared.  More and more attractive software titles will be added to “Instant Game Collection”.

 Other main features PS Plus members can enjoy on PS4 include:

 l  Online Multi Player

Users will have access to online play with other players via the network.  Online Multi Play mode for PS4, with its socially integrated services, offers unique features only available on the system such as allowing users to seamlessly start playing game and join their online friends while spectating gameplay or enjoying cross game voice chat.

l  Automatic Patch Download

“Automatic patch download” feature will be further enhanced for the PS4 system.  The system will check for any game updates more frequently and will also automatically install the updates.  With this feature, games will always be up-to-date, allowing users to play games immediately whenever they wish to play. 

l  Cross-Platform PS Plus membership

One PS Plus membership accounts for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.  PS Plus service is cross-platform and is available on most PlayStation platforms; PS3 and PS Vita users with existing PS Plus memberships will be able to access the PS Plus service on PS4 and those newly joined members for PS4 will be able to enjoy PS Plus service on PS3 and PS Vita. 

SCE will continue to focus on further enhancing the PS Plus service. As part of this initiative, SCE will add new subscription options for 90 days in Japan (1,300 yen) and 30 days in North America and Europe ($9.99 / €6.99).

Along with exclusive game content and services, PS Plus will offer members a variety of privileges and discounts.  With the collaboration of Sony Network Entertainment International, starting today and for a limited time, PS Plus members in 16 countries [including NZ] can subscribe to a one year Premium subscription of Music Unlimited for only $41.99 (€41.99)  —  65 percent off of the regular 12 month rate.

Also, for limited time, consumers who do not have a PS Plus membership can take advantage of a discounted Music Unlimited service annual Premium subscription plan for $59.99 (€59.99).  PS4 at launch will not only support Music Unlimited but also Video Unlimited

Furthermore, in terms of social integration, PS4 will support variety of major SNS, including Facebook, Ustream, and Twitter, allowing users to easily communicate and share game play with their online friends.  

PS4 will be the ultimate entertainment platform, delivering rich gaming and unrivalled entertainment experience. Additionally, as of today, SCE will modify the PlayStation Network service name to a more simple and friendly name “PSNSM,” and will introduce a new logo for “PSNSM” and PS Plus. 

SCE will continuously enrich services and the feature of “PSN”, while striving to offer more stable and robust gaming environment to further expand PlayStation platform.

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  1. My son and I are into our gaming and have both the Xbox and Xbox 360 at home. I will definitely be buying the Xbox One at some stage but not till the price has dropped quite a bit and there are a decent number of good quality games available.

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