Sony NZ Confirms 2021 TV Range

Sony NZ today confirmed which TV models unveiled at CES it would release in New Zealand, including its largest OLED display yet, the 77-inch A80J.

“Sony’s key objective is to offer customers an incredibly immersive viewing experience by utilising evolving technologies and premium large screens to perfectly delivering the creator’s true intent,” Aki Hosoda, Head of TV, Sony ANZ, says .

“The new Bravia XR TVs take big screen home entertainment to new heights with the introduction of the most advanced processing technology we have ever created.”

Pricing and availability have still to be confirmed but expect a mid-year roll-out.

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4 Responses to “Sony NZ Confirms 2021 TV Range”

  1. Is anyone else excited about WandaVision starting on Disney+ on Friday? It’s a double episode as well. I love how they go through the years with sitcoms and then it turns into a MCU action movie. Very clever 🙂

  2. What’s the MCU snoozeverse got to do with new Sony TVs? A friend bought a new A8H last year, should have waited ? 😄

  3. Just about every TV brand improves from one year to the next, thx1138, although often the changes are incremental. I’m currently testing an A8H and your friend shouldn’t regret buying it. It’s fantastic in virtually all respects, with only a couple of niggles that don’t impact on the stunning picture quality. Will the 2021 range outperform it? Undoubtedly but unless you can afford to upgrade from one year to the next, that’s the nature of consumer tech.

  4. Yes, hence the 😄 It wouldn’t be a Sony without niggles lol

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