Sony Trims New 3D Headset


Next month Sony will release its second-generation Personal 3D Viewer headset that plugs into a Blu-ray player, laptop computer or games console and delivers an immersive, big-screen experience. At 330 grams, the HMZ-T2 will be 20 percent lighter than the T1 and is meant to be more comfortable due to a redesigned head strap. It will also have: native 24-frames-per-second film speed compatibility via a 24p True Cinema function, independently adjustable OLED lenses, smoother onscreen motion, game video mode, integrated earbuds for virtual 5.1 audio and an earphone jack. According to Expert Reviews, “Sony claims to have not only boosted the black levels of the display but also eliminated the issue of ‘cross-talk’ – a problem with many glasses-based stereoscopic displays, whereby images meant for one eye leak to the other and cause a fuzziness or break-up. The system also includes a special mode for gaming, dubbed Clear Panel Drive Mode, designed to boost the response rate of the glasses.” Although the T2 will cost $US100 more than its precedessor in the US, in NZ it will sell for the same price: $1200.

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  1. @ $1200 it can stay in the shop..

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