Sony’s New 3D Helmet for the Home

Sony has just announced its head-mounted “personal 3D viewer” will go on sale here this month for $1200.

A world first, the HMZ-T1 promises to deliver a “movie theatre-like virtual screen experience” that Sony says is ideal for 3D movies and gaming.

The wearable headset has twin OLED screens, with a lightning fast response time of just 0.01 milliseconds that’s meant to eliminate crosstalk, and 5.1 virtual surround sound (users will be able to select from cinema, games, music and standard modes).

It also has an extended viewing angle of 45 degrees that simulates a 750-inch movie screen at a virtual viewing distance of 20 metres.

Sony claims its “shielding construction” will deepen this feeling of immersion.

Weighing about the same as a bicycle helmet (420 grams), the HMZ-T1 is adjustable in multiple areas and, unlike watching conventional 3D TV, the headset can be used in any position, with your eyeglasses on or off.

“Support pads and light blockers provide an individualised fit and an immersive feel,” the Sony press release says.

Most importantly, the HMZ-T1 will be compatible with a wide range of 3D products and 3D content production systems.

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  1. Nice idea. Pity about the price …

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