Sony’s New Sub-$1K Atmos Soundbar

Next month Sony will release it latest Dolby Atmos soundbar for sub-$1000.

The 3.1-channel HT-G700 uses signal processing to manipulate the audio from movie soundtracks to make it sound like a 7.1.2-channel system without upward firing or rear speakers.

It’s an ambition that would rewrite the laws of physics if feasible but last year’s HT-HX8500 demonstrated the amazing capability of Sony’s simulation wizardry — and that was only a 2.1-channel system without a separate subwoofer.

However, like the 8500, inputs have been pared back to keep down costs: the G700 has only an HDMI in, an HDMI out (eARC/ARC) and an optical in.

But this won’t be a deal-breaker for the target market: consumers who want a discrete, easy-to-set up-and-operate surround system with a dedicated centre channel  to improve TV and movie dialogue.

Here’s the media release:

Sony enhances Soundbar line-up with introduction of HT-G700

Immerse yourself in TV and movies with captivating, dynamic surround sound from the HT-G700 3.1ch Soundbar featuring Dolby Atmos® and a dedicated centre speaker for clearer dialogue

Cinematic surround sound and clear dialogue

The HT-G700 is a 3.1ch Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X soundbar that couples immersive cinematic surround sound with clear dialogue, so you can lose yourself completely in your favourite TV programmes and movies.

The HT-G700 includes Immersive Audio Enhancement, meaning that the HT-G700 provides an upgraded surround experience – seamlessly enveloping listeners with up to 7.1.2 channel surround sound.

The HT-G700 has three front speakers, combined with Sony’s signal processing, which enables sound placements that can envelop you in all directions, providing an experience that carries the user away into the world of movies and music though the latest technology.

This new signal processing is also advanced to deliver surround sound to a wider area. Furthermore, the finely tuned S-Force PRO for HT-G700 uplifts sound to fit a wider TV screen height (over 55 inch), enabling viewers to relive moments in newfound clarity and depth.

Plus, by selecting the Immersive AE (Audio Enhancement) button on the remote, the HT-G700 can also upscale even regular stereo audio to up to 7.1.2 surround sound so every TV show and movie gets the surround sound treatment.

In addition, the HT-G700 offers a dedicated centre speaker so that vocals can be heard clearly, whether it’s quick-fire dialogue in your favourite TV shows or whispered lines in a Hollywood movie. It’s also great for music, creating a rich, detailed listening experience.

 Choose your perfect setting

The sound or audio mode best suited to what you’re listening to can be selected directly via a button on the remote control. It allows you to get deeper into movies with Cinema mode and hear every detail of your favourite tracks in Music mode.

Plus, there are additional Voice mode and Night mode settings. Voice mode tailors sound settings to accentuate speech, so you won’t miss a word and Night mode optimises the sound balance, so you can hear everything clearly, even at low volume levels.

The HT-G700 comes with a powerful, wireless subwoofer and a larger cabinet size that delivers a deeper, richer bass sound. Finally, set-up with a TV is quick and easy via Bluetooth® or HDMI eARC/ARC.

The HT-G700 will be available in New Zealand from June 2020 for SRP $999.95.

For full product details of the HT-G700, please visit:

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