Sony’s Stellar OLED TV to Launch This Month

Sony’s out-of-this-world 2017 flagship TV, the A1 OLED, goes on sale this month for just shy of $11,000.

The company has yet to announce this but expect the groundbreaking 65-inch 4K model with a unique acoustic screen instead of conventional speakers to be in shops by mid-July.

However, any hopes of the A1 being as competitively priced as Sony’s sensational Z9D LED TV have been dashed with the prospect of it selling for up to $4000 more.

But at least Sony and Panasonic’s entry into the OLED market here may lead to more competitive retailing and ultimately lower prices for consumers.

For the first time LG, which pioneered big-screen OLED TVs, with their vastly superior contrast and svelte screens, is having its marketplace supremacy challenged.

Last month it rolled out its fifth-generation range, which includes the revolutionary W7 wallpaper TV, ahead of Panasonic launching two models and Sony bringing forward the A1 release from August.

Panasonic will be striving to win back the support of those who made its plasma TVs the country’s most popular, and who so far haven’t been convinced by LCD/LED’s advances, while Sony has gone from strength to strength with its premium TVs.

But at this stage none is ready to blink, with all of the 65-inch models comparably priced around the $10,000-$11,000 mark .

The 55-inch options are marginally more affordable but clearly the OLED sector, and Samsung with its new QLED range, are happy to choose margin over volume.

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