Sopranos Overkill? Fuggedaboutit!

To mark the sad passing of Sopranos star James Gandolfini, Sky’s SoHo will run a 10-episode tribute on Sunday.

The commemorative ‘box set’ will be preceded by the excellent HBO movie, Cinema Verite, in which Gandolfini plays the producer of the groundbreaking ’70s reality TV sensation, An American Family.

It will screen 10am Sunday, and the Sopranos episodes from 11.40.

Two of the episodes are from the first season, one from the second, two from the third, two from the fourth and the last three that closed the series. Talk about fade to black.

The titles are: College, I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano, Funhouse, Employee of the Month, Pine Barrens, Whoever Did This, Whitecaps, The Second Coming, The Blue Comet and Made in America.

For my money, College and Pine Barrens are the quintessential Sopranos touchstones but Sky invites subscribers who disagree with its top 10 to choose their own from the six seasons it’s making available on iSky.

The Sopranos wasn’t just “family redefined” — it also redefined television.

As SoHo’s press release rightly observes, The Sopranos was “undoubtedly THE drama that launched the golden age of television we all enjoy today ….

“Without The Sopranos there would be no Mad Men. No Breaking Bad. No Game of Thrones, Dexter or Banshee.

“This unrivalled drama was the turning point for serious and discerning audiences. It set the bar for all dramas that followed.

“And it was rooted in James Gandolfini’s riveting and unsettling performance as the unforgettable Tony Soprano.”

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