Spark Demonstrates Long Game Strategy

Spark today highlighted how it’s using costly acquisitions like the NZ rights to the Rugby World Cup to drive its broadband and mobile plan businesses.

It’s offering a free RWC Tournament Pass to anyone who joins the telco or re-contracts to selected services.

Spark uses the same strategy with its free Lightbox and Netflix subscriptions — and if you’ve already bought a Tournament Pass, you can have it refunded if you take up one of the offers.

Here’s the press release:

Get the Rugby World Cup for free when you join Spark or re-contract to selected Spark mobile or broadband plans

From today, Spark customers can get a free Rugby World Cup 2019 Tournament Pass when they purchase an eligible mobile or broadband plan.

Anyone on a pay monthly plan that costs $59.99 or above (either new or existing customers), who purchases a mobile device above the value of $199 on interest free payments (24-month term), will get a free Rugby World Cup 2019 Tournament Pass from Spark.

Or, anyone who signs up to a 12-month Unlimited broadband plan or a Rural Wireless 240GB Wireless plan (either new customers, or existing customers who are out of contract and sign up to a new 12-month term), will get a free Rugby World Cup 2019 Tournament Pass.

Small business customers also stand to benefit, as the offer is available to business mobile customers who sign up to a pay monthly plan at $60.86 or above (either new or existing customers) on a 24 month term plan and to business broadband customers who sign up to an Unlimited Business Bundle or Unlimited Naked plan (either new customers, or existing customers who are out of contract and sign up to a new 12-month term).

These offers are in addition to the early bird standalone Spark Sport pricing that is already available to anyone in market ($79.99 for all 48 matches live and on demand, until 10 September 2019) – and are another way to ensure that as many New Zealanders as possible get to stream the Rugby World Cup.

Customers who have already purchased a Tournament Pass separately and want to take up this Spark offer can simply contact Spark Sport to cancel their existing pass and receive a refund – and then take up the Spark offer.

Joe Goddard, Tribe Lead for Spark Customer says, “We’re delighted to be able to offer Spark customers free Rugby World Cup with their Spark broadband or mobile plan. On top of the value-added services that we’re able to offer our customers, from Spotify on selected mobile plans, to Netflix and Lightbox with broadband plans, this gives Spark customers another great reason to be with us.

“As the licensed broadcaster of the tournament in New Zealand, Spark’s substantial investment in the event puts Spark in a unique position in how we are able to market our Tournament Passes and associate Spark products and services with the Rugby World Cup. We are thrilled therefore to be able to offer eligible Spark customers this very special deal.”

It is important to note that New Zealanders don’t have to be a Spark customer to get access to the Rugby World Cup. Anyone can purchase a Rugby World Cup Tournament Pass, irrespective of their mobile or broadband provider, directly from Spark Sport.

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One Response to “Spark Demonstrates Long Game Strategy”

  1. And the other telcos, who were interested in wholesaling the RWC package, have thrown their toys out of the cot over Spark’s behaviour despite investing millions of dollars in their networks so the RWC will display smoothly for subscribers. And Spark is now exhibiting the same behaviour it complained would happen if the Vodafone-Sky merger occurred. If this is the long game for Spark Sport, then the ComCom has been sold a dummy by Spark over competitive behaviour. Shock horror.

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