SyFy Fancy Dress Show for The Zone

The Zone will go behind the world of costume play in Heroes of Cosplay, which will screen 8.30 Wednesdays from September 7.

“Each episode tracks an array of cosplayers as they prep for and travel to costume contests on the geek-convention circuit, capturing the creativity and drama of constructing their new outfits, not to mention everything that goes into wearing them,” said Entertainment Weekly, which gave it a B+.

“The show is best when it digs into the cosplay scene and the competitors bare their vanities and insecurities.”

The Hollywood Reporter dubbed the 2013 SyFy series “a worthy journey into a world few may be familiar with” while the New York Post observed: “The weird thing, (well, all of it is weird), is that these folks really want to be the fictional characters they portray.”

Said the San Francisco Chronicle: “You may think the whole idea of adults dressing up as fantasy characters is silly, but the dedication and craftsmanship of the cosplayers easily convinces you otherwise.

“What’s unclear is whether competitive cosplaying is too rarefied to sustain multiple episodes. But as a one-off, it’s, well, fantastic enough.”

Some thought the show “terrible” and said it “subverts nerd clichés, but fails to avoid the pitfalls of reality TV”.

Executive producer Mark Cronin told TV Guide: “If you assume the world of cosplay is filled with social misfits confused about the priorities in life, you’re in for a surprise.

“These people are very good at what they do and many turn their skills into a highly successful business.”

Eight of the nine players profiled in the series are women.

“Male characters tend to be simpler — lots of body armour and weaponry and spandex and capes,” Cronin says.

“They’re usually nowhere near as interesting and intricate, or sexy and cool, as the costumes worn by the women. And, let’s face it, female sexuality is a big part of comic-book art and a big element in the Con world.”

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