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New to Lightbox in November

November is shaping up as Lightbox’s leanest month yet, with its star newcomer being a five-year-old US adaptation of a Nordic noir that lasted only one season. Those Who Kill (November 1) stars Big Love’s Chloë Sevigny as a newly minted cop investigating gruesome murders in Pittsburg while wrestling with her brother’s disappearance and who suspects her […]

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Critical Condition: Forever

Forever | Amazon Prime Video, from Friday ➢➢ “Not long after I started watching this exquisite eight-episode dramedy from Alan Yang (Master of None) and Matt Hubbard, I realised why the folks at Amazon have been so intent on keeping a lid on its central premise. It seems like a show about two nice, normal […]

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Critical Condition: Great News

Great News | Netflix, from Thursday ➢➢ “Tina Fey’s name is on the NBC workplace comedy Great News, and the workplace in question is a television studio, but adjust your expectations downward if you want to enjoy this silly series. It’s not 30 Rock II … This is an uneven show — a lot of sharp […]

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