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Bumpy Start for SoHo’s Roadies

The new Cameron (Almost Famous) Crowe vehicle, Roadies, is being panned in early US reviews. “This is Crowe’s The Newsroom, the moment when his trademark sincerity crosses over into preachy didacticism,” Entertainment Weekly said of the musical comedy/drama, which premieres on Showtime on Sunday and on SoHo on July 4. It awarded Roadies a D grade, arguing “cheap […]

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Kiwi Hits the Road in New SoHo Gig

SoHo will succeed Game of Thrones with a new vehicle for one of its Kiwi stars: Roadies. The cast of this Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous) comedy about rock music’s “backstage warriors” includes Keisha Castle-Hughes, who appeared briefly in Thrones this season and last, as an outspoken and passionate sound mixer. Roadies, which will screen 8.30 Mondays from July 4, is about […]

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