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Critical Condition: The Tick

The Tick | Amazon Prime, from Saturday ➢ “As a comic-book concept that has already been turned into an animated cartoon for TV (in 1994), adapted again in primetime with flesh and blood actors (in 2001 for Fox) and now yet again for Amazon, The Tick might be the best superhero ever. You can’t defeat […]

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Critical Condition: American Gods

American Gods (Amazon Prime, from today) “Adapted from the 2001 bestseller by erudite geek icon Neil Gaiman, the new Starz series is the latest act of aesthetic derring-do and sophisticated irreverence from Bryan Fuller, the cult TV producer-god who made Hannibal Lecter mesmerising and biting again. Fuller’s eclectic work (which includes the more whimsical but no less […]

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