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Room for 104 on SoHo

Amid a slew of returning shows on SoHo in July, including season seven of Game of Thrones, is the premiere of an anthology drama about the goings-on in one room of a corporate hotel. Created by Jay and Mark Duplass (Animals, Togetherness), Room 104 taps into a variety of genres, from comedy and drama to thriller and horror, to explore […]

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SoHo to Unleash Mad Dogs and Animals

The producers of a new SoHo comedy/drama considered having the killer don a Donald Trump mask but thought it would be too hard to pull off legally. The Amazon-commissioned Mad Dogs, which is a US re-make of the British series, will premiere February 1 on SoHo and screen 9.30 Mondays. In the original, the killer wore a […]

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