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Critical Condition: Random Acts of Flyness

Random Acts of Flyness | SoHo, 9.30 Friday ➢➢ “Under creator Terence Nance’s watchful and discerning eye, Random Acts of Flyness stitches everything from found footage, to satirical skits, to interviews reenacted through stop motion animation together with beautiful cinematography to create a sort of televisual collage. Together, they all reveal incisive truths about what it […]

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Critical Condition: Atlanta

Atlanta (SoHo, 8.30 Thursdays) “Series creator Donald Glover stars with Brian Tyree Henry as cousins trying to pull their families out of poverty in the Georgia capital’s music scene … The premise is purposefully simple: ‘Two cousins work through the Atlanta music scene in order to better their lives and the lives of their families.’ … The vagueness […]

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HD Heads-Up: September 7

Quarry rock solid … Where’s Atlanta? … Employable Me pink slipped … The early reviews of SoHo’s newest drama series, Quarry, which premieres today week, suggest it’s not to be missed. TV Guide hailed it as a “compellingly extreme thriller” while Entertainment Weekly said “shows like this only click when you’re having some nasty fun, and fortunately we get […]

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