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Critical Condition: Back to Life

Back to Life | TVNZ OnDemand, from Tuesday ☆☆☆☆ “Back to Life is another of those sitcoms that are rooted in sadness; a sad-com. On paper it doesn’t seem like grounds for any laughs at all: a woman (Miri played by Daisy Haggard) released from prison after 18 years tries to rebuild her life amid […]

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New to TVNZ OnDemand in August

A new BBC comedy that The Guardian hailed as a “darkly comic gem” will premiere next month on TVNZ OnDemand, along with an Anna Friel thriller about three very different women whose lives connect at the school gate. Back to Life stars Episodes’ Miri Matteson as an ex-con who returns home to a town she […]

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