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My Sky HDi ... in May

My Sky HDi … in May

Movies showcasing two of 2010’s most notable Oscar winners, Sanrda Bullock and Kathryn Bigelow, will premiere in HD next month on Sky Movies. The underdog sports drama, The Blind Side, for which Bullock won her first best actress trophy, will screen on May 29 and The Hurt Locker, which helped Bigelow to become the first […]

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Blu-Ray Bargains for November

Budget-priced Blu-rays abound next month with Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox joining Universal in making $15 the new benchmark for back-catalogue titles. Fox is re-issuing the first two Ice Age and Garfield movies, Robots, Eragon and Edward Scissorhands for $14.99 each (complete with digital copies). The Blu-ray of Ice Age 3 is being saved […]

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