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Critical Condition: BrainDead

BrainDead (The Zone, 8.30 Tuesday) “In BrainDead, it’s not one-per-centers but space aliens who are rigging the system: a mysterious meteorite has crashed to Earth, releasing ants from another planet, which tiptoe into politicians’ ears and literally eat their brains. Sometimes, those ants also fart inside the brain—and then the brain explodes. Perhaps this premise sounds […]

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The Zone Snatches Braindead

Sky’s The Zone will premiere BrainDead, the new body snatching romp from the creators of The Good Wife, on July 26. The series, which has been dubbed The West Wing meets The Strain, will air 8.30 Tuesdays, six weeks after launching in the US (June 13 on CBS). It stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead (The Returned) as a new Capitol Hill […]

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HD Heads-Up: February 5

Don’t have a cow but … MediaWorks has rejigged Four’s schedule to screen repeats of The Simpsons’ 26th season opposite TV2’s launch of season 27. The latter premieres February 14 at 7.00, which is when Four will repeat episode seven of s26. The last-minute change pushes The Big Adventure to 7.30 and sees Community dropped from […]

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