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Don’t Overlook … Clique

Clique | TVNZ 2, 11.45 Wednesday ➢ “This glossy six-parter, another smart commission from the bold types at BBC3 (Thirteen is nominated for all the awards this season), features a beauteous cast of demographically appealing youngsters, going about their financially uninhibited university social lives, taking drugs, smoking and drinking till they’re sick … It’s part teen […]

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HD Heads-Up: April 5

  ➢ Stripped reality programming has long been a mainstay of free-to-air TV but now the networks are starting to expand the strategy to drama, too. TVNZ 1 experimented with airing the first season of Doctor Foster across the week and now TVNZ 2 is attempting something similar with two of its dramas: season two […]

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HD Heads-Up: May 25

► TVNZ 2 will overhaul its Friday line-up with the return of The Voice Australia on June 9 at 7.30. It went to air a month ago on Nine Network, when it edged out My Kitchen Rules in the ratings “thanks to new judges”, the Daily Telegraph reports. “Insiders believe interest in new judges Boy George and […]

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