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Critical Condition: Ordinary Lies

Ordinary Lies | TVNZ 1, 8.40 Friday ➢ “The first series of Danny Brocklehurst’s drama concerned the shenanigans among the staff of a car showroom south of Manchester. It’s an equally unglamorous set-up this time, with the daily grind occurring at the HQ of a Cardiff-based sports goods retailer. The drabber the job, the more colour in […]

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Brief Encounters Worth Flirting With

Brief Encounters, a new desperate housewives comedy-drama set in 1982 Sheffield that’s been dubbed “The Full Monty with sex aids“, will screen 8.35 Wednesdays on TV One from August 10. “It is the story of the first generation of Ann Summers party hosts, a pioneering set of dildo-wielding women out to empower themselves and enrich Jacqueline Gold via the medium of split-crotch […]

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Coronation Street

Doug Coutts’ TV Preview: Ordinary Lies

TV Preview: Ordinary Lies | TV1, 9.30 Sunday Martin’s a car salesman who’s in a bit of a rut. As a result he’s drinking too many pints of an evening and turning up for work late. On his final warning, he accidentally goes to the pub again, drinks eight too many pints and is late […]

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