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 Goodwin -- (Photo by: Francisco Roman/NBC)

New to Neon in February

New medical drama New Amsterdam and season two of parallel worlds thriller Counterpart are among the streaming highlights on Sky’s Neon in February. New Amsterdam (weekly from February 9) stars The Blacklist’s Ryan Eggold as a maverick doctor who disrupts the status quo to resuscitate an ailing hospital that once was a health care leader. It sounds […]

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Critical Condition: Counterpart

Counterpart | SoHo, 8.30 Friday ➢ “Counterpart is quite likely to appeal to fans of a few different genres. A smartly constructed and atmospheric spy thriller, Counterpart’s first allegiance is to hushed conversations, dangerous secrets, and the kind of shadowy alleys and darkened hallways traversed by secret agents.  But Counterpart is also a work of speculative fiction, […]

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New to SoHo in March

The Looming Tower, an ambitious Hulu dramatisation of the FBI-CIA turf war that may have led to 9/11, will screen 8.30 Thursdays from March 15 on SoHo. “Through the first three of its 10 hours, this adaptation of Lawrence Wright’s Pulitzer-winning book is the sort of slice of history that one used to find on HBO: […]

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