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PHIL vs BILL How much you enjoy this dark comedy-thriller will depend on your tolerance of Jude Law in turbo-charged, motor-mouth mode as an out-of-luck, out-of-work, just out of jail safecracker seeking remuneration from a Russian gangster for his 12 years inside. Richard E Grant leavens the overkill of profane, rage-drenched angst as his dapper but disarmingly daft best friend while Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke engages as his estranged daughter. Girls vet Richard Shepard (The Hunting Party) directs his own haphazard screenplay, and the sublime Blu-ray transfer mitigates extras as soft as the movie’s ending.

Bill O’Byrne’s Bargain Bin Blues: Dom Hemingway

Dom Hemingway | $$$ Written and directed by Richard Shepard. Starring Jude Law, Richard E Grant, Emilia Clarke. As sometimes watercolourist and general genocidal maniac Mr A. Hitler of Vienna was to discover, winning most of the battles doesn’t mean winning the whole bloody war. Such is the case with Dom Hemingway, which turns pretty […]

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