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Critical Condition: Tin Star

Tin Star | Three, 8.30 Monday ➢ “In the Canadian-set thriller, Tim Roth’s small-town police chief comes up against an almost comically evil oil company … Tin Star is odd, but intriguing. Having the cop protagonist be a recovering alcoholic is the oldest cliché in the book; but the fact he has an ominous reflection […]

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LG Goes One Better With New 'Budget' OLED TV

LG Goes One Better With New ‘Budget’ OLED TV

This week LG will roll out to more than 20 retailers nationwide its second-generation Curved OLED TV for under $7000. It comes ahead of the company releasing its latest UHD or 4K TVs and amid the country’s first “hybrid” TV, which has dual Freeview|HD and satellite tuners, going on sale. The new OLED TV is […]

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