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Despite being British and a woman, the director of this tribute to Muhammad Ali scarcely sheds new light on the king of the ring. It is an affectionate, moving and skilfully etched portrait of his triumphs and trials, as told by his family, friends, other members of his entourage and his own audio recordings. But in glossing over Ali’s darker side, it risks being more hagiography than biography – and the subject and his fans deserve better. However, I Am Ali is still a compelling and intelligent look at the legend, being as much about blows he took outside the ring as inside. Extras are limited to interviews that didn’t make the final cut. -- Phil Wakefield.

Bill O’Byrne’s Bargain Bin Blues: I Am Ali

I am Ali | Value for money $$$ Written and directed by Clare Lewins. I Am Ali reminds you just how beautiful Muhammad Ali was. In this 2013 doco there’s no sign of the modern version, ravaged by Parkinson’s disease and suffering from old fartism. The person here is the young, cocky, rhyming prince who danced […]

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