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Guest Bookings: Colbert, Maher, DeGeneres

Arch conservative Ann Coulter duels with liberal comic Bill Maher on Sunday’s Real Time With Bill Maher (SoHo2, 9.30) — and the host “triple downs” on Stan Lee fans with a “Goodbye Mr Strips” vent. Deadline reports the “frenemy” banter about President Trump was more jokey than stately. Coulter, who earlier tweeted that the shutdown-ending Donald […]

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TVNZ 2 Quits Russell Howard Hour

Fans of The Russell Howard Hour now have to tune into Duke to see the latest episodes. TVNZ 2 dropped the HD chat show after last week’s broadcast and from this week will screen in the 9.40 Thursday slot re-runs of Travel Guides (which aired in February on TVNZ 1). Duke, which had been airing earlier […]

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Prime to Flick Fallon for Colbert UPDATED

Since posting this, Sky’s head of Prime Karen Bieleski has provided clarity: “Prime originally signed <em>The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon</em> deal before the original CBS Studios International deal was concluded, and <em>The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon</em> has been a good show for Prime. However, with the renewal of the CBS deal this year, and […]

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