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HD Heads-Up: January 22

Ahead of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow TVNZ OnDemand premiere, The Hollywood Reporter has published a beginner’s guide to the “superhero mash-up“, which it likens to “taking a bunch of comic book shows and putting them into a blender, with the end result being a delicious but jam-packed DC Comics smoothie. There’s more than one show’s fair share of […]

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HD Heads-Up: January 20

3D skeptics might wish to revise their opinions with this week’s release of two top Blu-ray titles in the format, The Walk and Everest, with The Martian due next month. The Walk’s director, Robert Zemeckis, opted to shoot in 2D and “dimensionalise” it later. “I was totally with him,” cinematographer Dariusz Wolski told Variety. “I’ve done a few native 3D movies and […]

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HD Heads-Up: January 14

Having just added 130 more countries to its reach, Netflix may sound as if it’s about to rule the world of home ent but ratings for some of its most popular shows released by an NBC Universal executive suggest it’s not yet a threat to the networks: from September to December, Jessica Jones averaged only 4.8 million […]

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TVNZ OnDemand New Catch-Up Superhero

The latest DC Comics adaptation for TV, Legends of Tomorrow, will premiere here on TVNZ OnDemand. While that’s a blow for HD viewers, the PQ of TVNZ’s catch-up streaming service has improved if you watch it on a high-end devices like PlayStation 4 or FreeviewPlus. “For these deployments we have increased our bandwidth and we are using […]

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It's Time to Light the Lights: TVNZ Unveils New Season Highlights Early

It’s Time to Light the Lights: TVNZ Unveils New Season Highlights Early

Today TVNZ will reveal its new season coups two months earlier than normal, as it fast-tracks increasingly more shows from the US fall line-up Most of these will screen first in SD on TVNZ’s Ondemand service but a significant number, including the latest seasons of hits like The Big Bang Theory and The Flash, will […]

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