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HD Heads-Up: August 3 – 9

➢➢ Hypothetical (Duke, 8.30 Thursdays from August 8), in which comedians improvise on absurd hypothetical situations, debuted early this year on UK’s Dave (Taskmaster) and was quickly renewed. Examples of hypothetical dilemmas posed include: “You have to live in a motorway services for a year. How do you cope?”‘and, “You have to take a selfie […]

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HD Heads-Up: February 9 – 15

➢➢ TVNZ is expanding its cross-channel promotion strategy, where TVNZ 1 advertises coming attractions on TVNZ 2 and vice versa, to dual broadcasts of the same shows. It will launch the gambit with Manifest, which TVNZ 1 will premiere on February 11 with a double episode followed by a same-week repeat on TVNZ 2 (9.45 […]

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Big Show a Surprisingly Late Show

The same weekend Britain’s Got Talent ends its run on TV One, TV3 will have another crack at light entertainment on Sunday nights with the premiere of Michael McIntyre’s Big Show (July 17, 9.30). The slot seems surprisingly late for a variety series that The Sun said definitely had the feel-good factor and was “family entertainment with genuine appeal. Whisper […]

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