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Samsung's Sizzling New Plasma TVs Start to Ship

Samsung’s Sizzling New Plasma TVs Start to Ship

Samsung has started to ship its new, 3D-capable “Plasma+1” TVs. The D8000, D6900, D550 and D490/450 series have a narrow bezel that adds an extra inch of viewable screen size over Samsung’s 2010 plasma TVs. The top-of-the-range D8000 Smart TV models have Real Black Filter technology for improved on-screen contrast and reduced glare, Samsung’s proprietary […]

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Panasonic's Stellar 3D Plasma "One of the Finest TVs" Ever?

Panasonic’s Stellar 3D Plasma “One of the Finest TVs” Ever?

Two months before its NZ release, a top British website has acclaimed Panasonic’s 50-inch 3D plasma TV as “comfortably the finest mainstream TV Panasonic has ever produced, and one of the finest TVs ever seen period”. Veteran Trusted Reviews critic John Archer rates it 9/10 for performance and value, 10/10 for features, and praises the […]

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Samsung to Sell 3DTV "Dirt Cheap" in Oz

Samsung to Sell 3DTV “Dirt Cheap” in Oz

Samsung has yet to disclose the NZ pricing of its 2010 range of LCD-LED and plasma TVs but chances are it will be as aggressive as Australia’s. This week the Korean consumer electronics giant shocked competitors across the Tasman when it announced that as of next week it would start bundling a 50-inch 3D plasma […]

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