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Critical Condition: White Dragon

White Dragon (aka Strangers) | SoHo2, 8.30 Wednesday ☆☆☆☆ “So many questions by the end of Strangers, chief among them being, am I really going to watch another seven episodes of this? It’s not that the premise is terrible or the cast bad — John Simm did a heroic job with dialogue that was sometimes […]

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Critical Condition: Press

Press | Lightbox, from Wednesday ☆☆☆☆ “Mike Bartlett’s new drama gets more things right about newspapers than most, but this will still amuse or rankle with many journalists … I imagine this is how police and doctors feel watching cop or hospital dramas. Bartlett is, however, a very good writer, and I sense the drama will ramp up […]

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New to Lightbox in January

Lightbox is resurrecting for new episodes a stunning Danish drama that originally aired on TVNZ 1. Season two of Ride Upon the Storm can be streamed from January 12 and last month won two of its stars International Emmy Awards. If you haven’t seen the electrifying first season, which aired 9.30 Sundays earlier this year, […]

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