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Critical Condition: Sally4Ever

Sally4Ever | SoHo2, 9.30 Sunday ☆☆☆☆ Julia Davis, the English comedian, actor, writer and director who created the original (and better) version of Camping, brings a new cringe-comedy fest to HBO with Sally4Ever and it needs to be your new Brit-com obsession … Imbued with the muted, knowing style of humour the Brits love so […]

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Sky Officially Announces SoHo 2

Sky has provided more details about its newest HD channel, SoHo2, which launches on November 7 (and was revealed here first). Its schedule will include transgender drama Pose, which has been streaming on Neon, and the HBO version of Camping, not the 2016 British original cited in yesterday’s post. Perhaps the best news about the […]

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Sky to Launch SoHo2 in November

Sky TV has yet to officially announce this but it will launch a third HD entertainment service in November that will be the sister channel of SoHo. Sharp-eyed reader/contributor Clint spotted the initiative on, of all places, a Sky customer help web page. Here’s what it says: Sky announces the launch of SoHo2 – a […]

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