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Lightbox Picks Up Valley Girl

The latest Kyra (The Closer) Sedgwick series, Ten Days in the Valley, will premiere next month on Lightbox. It stars Sedgwick as a documentary TV producer who, having brought down the San Francisco Police Department with an investigation, launches a controversial crime drama series amid a messy divorce and the disappearance of her daughter. The […]

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Critical Condition: Search Party

Search Party | Lightbox, from Tuesday ➢ “The 10-episode, half-hour series follows four members of the millennial generation who become infatuated with finding a missing woman … Shrewdly observant and emotionally honest, Search Party doesn’t sound like an uproarious comedy from the elevator pitch, but its writers strike a delicate balance between pleasure, lies, and truth while their characters seek the latter. The result is […]

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The Son Rises on Lightbox

If you thought AMC’s western mini-series, The Son, had gone thataway … hitch your wagon to a Lightbox subscription. The Spark streaming service will carry the epic saga that originally was to have starred Sam Neill from August 26. It stars Pierce Brosnan and is one of 10 exclusives that Lightbox will roll out between […]

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