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AN ALTERNATIVE VIEW By Philip Wakefield Sir Edmund Hillary’s historic ascent of Mt Everest is painstakingly recreated in this vivid docudrama that was filmed in 3-D. Only the 2-D version is out on disc but at least the Blu-ray delivers the detailed resolution Beyond the Edge deserves. It so seamlessly blends restored footage from the 1953’s Conquest of Everest with new sequences shot in the Southern Alps and on Everest that it can be hard to distinguish the actual from the re-enacted. Just as effective is using extracts from interviews with those on the expedition to tell their own story. Beyond the Edge lacks Touching the Void’s suspense but is as close as you’ll come to experiencing a climb that then was as risky as going to the moon.

Bill O’Byrne’s Bargain Bin Blues: Beyond the Edge

Welcome to a new weekly column dedicated to Blu-rays that collector of all things cult and dirt cheap, Bill O’Byrne, has unearthed. A failed practitioner in the art of making movies, he has an imaginary Masters degree in being able to sit goggle-eyed and stare at TVs for hours on end. He is previously the […]

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