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PHIL vs BILL Dylan McDermott, the star of TV’s Hostages, finds himself held captive by Russian gangsters in this B-grade Canadian thriller about a seemingly innocent man who wakes up bound hand and foot in an industrial freezer. How he wound up in this predicament and plots to extricate himself makes for surprisingly dull escapism. Other movies about people trapped in claustrophobic or desperate circumstances – Buried, 127 Hours, The Call – cranked up the tension with economy and ingenuity but Freezer, despite its twists, is too one-dimensional to generate suspense.

Bill O’Byrne’s Bargain Bin Blues: Freezer

Freezer | Value for money: $$ Directed by Mikael Salomon. Written by Tom Doganoglu, Shane Weisfeld. Starring Dylan McDermott, Yuliya Snigir, Peter Facinelli. To misquote Brian Fantana, but for a higher purpose, 68 per cent of the time Freezer works all of the time. Almost the entire movie is set in a freezer unit of what looks […]

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