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Hot Off the Press Release: Lightbox Captions Handmaid

Blessed be the day: Lightbox at last is starting to caption the programmes it streams, starting with the first three seasons of The Handmaid’s Tale. It also plans to caption selected movie rentals. Curiously, among the reasons it doesn’t site for the captioning is the difficulty some of have hearing dialogue on content that isn’t […]

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Critical Condition: The Act

The Act | Lightbox, weekly from Thursday ☆☆☆☆ “Based on the true (and truly insane) story of how Missouri transplant Dee Dee Blanchard was murdered by her daughter Gypsy in 2015 after years of duping the public — and Gypsy — to believe Gypsy had leukemia, muscular dystrophy, and a host of other fake ailments, […]

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New to Lightbox in April

Escape at Dannemora’s Patricia Arquette next will be seen in a Lightbox exclusive, The Act. The character-driven true-crime anthology series premieres this month on Hulu and will be launched with a four-episode debut on April 4, after which new episodes will stream weekly. From writers Nick Antosca (Channel Zero) and Michelle Dean, it’s based on […]

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