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Critical Condition: The InBetween

The InBetween | Lightbox, from Friday ☆☆☆☆ “There’s something to be said for a TV show that knows exactly what its lane is and fulfills its duties enough to hold together. NBC’s The InBetween, Moira Kirland’s new procedural billed as a “paranormal drama,” is a fan of just about every procedural cliche in the book, right […]

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New to Lightbox in July

July will be light on premieres for Spark’s streaming service Lightbox, with only three exclusive newcomers: The InBetween, season three of Harlots and the final season of Suits. The InBetween is another network procedural with a gimmick, about a woman with visions who helps her detective father and his FBI partner to solve challenging crimes. […]

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